A deep Chasm to be crossed.

Chasm (explore)

Zoya exploring a dark Chasm.

Chasm (swing)

Zoya swinging across a Chasm.

The Chasm is an environmental hazard that is encountered often in the game.

Chasms are deep fissures in the terrain that the three heroes have to cross and explore. Some Chasms have Water, Lava or poisonous Fumes below that will kill the heroes. If one of the heroes accidently falls into a Chasm he or she will certainly die. Some Chasms have ledges that can be stood on or caves that can be explored.

Occasionally a Chasm will be part of a puzzle that has to be solved and negotiated to continue through the level. Chasms often have Cranes, and other types of device that have to be carefully used to cross the Chasm.

It is always a good idea to explore Chasms as sometimes they will contain useful Experience Viais and other special Items.

Bats often inhabit Chasms and will fly out and attack when disturbed. It is best to kill these dangerous creatures before attempting to cross or explore a Chasm.

  • Knight: he cannot cross or explore the Chasms without the help of the other two heroes.
  • Thief: she is the best hero to explore Chasms as she can often use her Grapple Hook to lower herself down into a Chasm. She can also swing onto ledges and into caves in Chasms using her Grapple Hook. She is also the best hero to cross Chasms if she is able to use her Grapple Hook to quickly swing across. Some Chasms have poisonous fumes or extreme heat below and if she lowers herself down too far she will die.
  • Wizard: he can use his Floating Platforms and Planks to cross Chasms but has some difficulty exploring deep down inside Chasms. He can place the upgraded Floating Platform above a Chasm which will allow the Thief to attach her Grapple Hook to it.

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