Chariot with fist

An ornate Chariot with a Fist hanging below.

Chariot with platform

An ornate Chariot with a platform hanging below.

Chariot - tall

A tall unstable Chariot with a rope Bridge attached.

Chariot - mine cart

Amadeus about to ride a small mine cart.

The Chariot is an obstacle that is sometimes encountered in the game.

The Chariot is a wheeled vehicle that runs on rails. It often has some sort of contraption like a Hanging Platform or a Fist hanging below the undercarriage that can be used for some special purpose. It is often part of a puzzle that has to be solved and sometimes incorporates things like a rope Bridge in the puzzle.

Most of the rails are quite short which means that the Chariots do not usually move a great distance. It is sometimes convenient or even necessary to travel along the rails on a Chariot, to be able to get to the next area to be explored.

There are three main types of moving Chariot vehicle:

  1. The ornate type with a contraption hanging below, with or without a deck above.
  2. The large tall unstable type made of beams with a large deck above.
  3. The small mine cart.

Sometimes a Chariot will have a deck where Skeletons are stationed and if they are killed they can drop useful Pickup Items.

  • The Wizard is able to make all types of Chariot move along the rails by using his Levitation Ability. He can also control any contraption hanging below a Chariot. He is also able to connect a rope Bridge to some Chariots.

For a list of other types of obstacle see: Hazards

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