In this account Characters refers to all the interactive and non-interactive entities that are encountered in the gameplay and in the game storyline.

Playable CharactersEdit

Characters knight color small

Pontius the Knight.

There are three main playable Characters that the player controls in the game and they are the Three Heroes. The Three Heroes have their own different personalities, unique skills and Abilities.

The Three Heroes:

Interactive CharactersEdit

Glowback close up

The Glowback.

Shield Skeleton

Shield Skeleton.

There are many enemy Characters that the player can interact with in the game. All enemies will try to kill the Three Heroes. The three Heroes will then have to defeat or evade these different types of enemies.




Non-interactive CharactersEdit



There is one Character that the player cannot interact with and that is the Skeleton Wizard. The Skeleton Wizard does however interact with the player as the main boss at the end of the game.

Main Boss:

Storyline CharactersEdit

The storyline Characters are only encountered in the game as part of the narrative of the plot in the cut scenes and are not encountered in the actual gameplay.

Storyline Characters:

  • Captain of the King's Men
  • Kings
  • King's Men
  • Knights
  • Margaret
  • The Guardians
  • The Narrator
  • The New King
  • The Old King
  • The Perished
  • The Triplets
  • Wizards
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