Bridge - floating

Zoya crossing water using a Floating Bridge.

Bridge - platform

Zoya on a Platform Bridge in a cave.

Bridge - rope

Pontius on a Rope Bridge.

Bridge - walkway

Zoya on a series of walkways.

Bridge - rope platform

Amadeus on a Rope Platform Bridge.

Bridge - dismantled

Amadeus repairing a dismantled Bridge (bottom right)

Bridge - repaired

A dismantled Bridge repaired by Amadeus.

The Bridge is an obstacle that is often encountered in the game.

A Bridge becomes an obstacle when it is broken, has large gaps to cross or suddenly collapses. All Bridges are included in this account even if they are working and are not actually an obstacle to be negotiated. Many working Bridges are guarded by Enemies therefore they are included here as hazards. Also included here are walkways (or catwalks) which are similar to Bridges but serve a different function. The main function of Bridges is to cross things like Chasms, Lava and Water. There are many Bridges that the three heroes will have to negotiate on their quest through the kingdom. Broken or dismantled Bridges are usually easily negotiated with a little thought and experimentation.

Some Bridges will have to be negotiated to reach Pickup Items, Chests and other useful Items. Chasms and similar areas should be searched before repairing Bridges that will go over them.

The following is a list of the main types of Bridge:

  1. Floating Bridge - the Floating Bridge is constructed with a wooden deck on floating wooden barrels that are spaced apart by ropes. The Floating Bridge is encountered occasionally on some lakes and rivers.
  2. Platform Bridge - the Platform Bridge is constructed of wooden or metal platforms that are hinged together forming a chain-like bridge.
  3. Rope Bridge (including walkways) - the Rope Bridge is constructed of wooden boards knotted together using ropes or boards resting on ropes. This type of structure is also used to make walkways (or catwalks) and stairways.
  4. Rope Platform Bridge (intact, broken or dismantled) - the Rope Platform Bridge is constructed of wooden platforms sitting on top of two long ropes. This type of structure can be found completely intact or with large gaps or dismantled. The dismantled type with one end hanging down can be repaired by the Wizard.

Any Enemies in the area should be dealt with before negotiating Bridges.

  • All three heroes can jump gaps in some Bridges and jump onto and off of some Bridges.
  • Knight: he can only jump gaps in some Bridges.
  • Thief: she can sometimes use her Grapple Hook to swing across some Bridges. She can also use her Grapple Hook on high Bridges to climb up to the Bridge and then swing up onto the Bridge.
  • Wizard: he can conjure magical objects like Planks to bridge some gaps in some Bridges. He can also repair some dismantled Bridges by lifting up one end and relocating it back into position by using his Levitation Ability.

For a list of other types of obstacle see: Hazards

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