Bramblestoke Village
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Vital statistics
Name Bramblestoke Village
Level Number 13
Level EXP 35
Enemy EXP 20
Secrets 2
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Heartland Mines Iron Forge
Bramblestoke Village Map

Bramblestoke Village Map

Bramblestoke Village is the thirteenth level in the game.

The three heroes, the Knight, the Thief and the Wizard arrive at Bramblestoke Village at night.

  • Narrator:  As our heroes looked west, they could see darkness. Where nothing had been before, there now stood a dark tower, black, even against the evening sky. An Evil Tower. Our heroes understood what they must do. The only way to purge the land of corruption and raze the black tower to the ground, was to bring the Trine and the other artifacts together. However, for the power to work, the hearts of our heroes must be pure..... Despite ever-present danger, our heroes could not help but marvel at the beautiful village. How could anything this beautiful endure so close to the Evil Tower? Abandoned, there was no-one to welcome them.
  • Knight:  “A village! We must save the people!”
  • Thief:  “They are not here anymore, there’s no one to save.....”
  • Knight:  “Save village or crush bones, it don’t matter! Let me go first!”
  • CHECKPOINT # 1: The level starts on the edge of the abandoned village.