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The Bow

Bow - ready

Zoya ready to use the basic Bow.

Bow - arrows

The Bow firing three arrows.

The Bow is a weapon used by the Thief.

The basic Bow is an archery bow that can fire a single arrow to kill Enemies at a distance or at close quarters. It can be fired in any direction, including downwards from an elevated position. The Bow also comes with a magical quiver that never runs out of arrows.

  • Primary use: It is primarily used as a long distance weapon to injure and kill Enemies.
  • Secondary uses: It can be used to knock shields from Skeletons arms making them easier to kill. It can be used to move non-magical Use Items by hitting them with arrows. It can be used to move some parts of some obstacles like the Tilting Board by hitting them with arrows. It can be used to smash the Wizard's Boxes, Planks and Floating Platforms. It can be used to smash some types of Crystal hazards.
  • Upgrades:
  • First Upgrade: The Bow shoots two arrows at once.
  • Second Upgrade: The Bow shoots three arrows at once.
  • Blue Masterstone: Increases the number of basic arrows shot with the basic Bow by one.
  • Bottle of Poison: Adds damage from the basic Bow.

Note: the maximum number of basic arrows that can be fired from the Bow in a single shot is four arrows.

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