The Big Skeleton

The Big Skeleton close up.

The Big Skeleton attacking Amadeus.

This Skeleton should not be confused with Sarek the Skeleton Wizard.

The Big Skeleton is one of the Enemies the player will encounter in the game. It is the first mini-boss that will have to be defeated to move forward in the game.

History:[edit | edit source]

The Big Skeleton is one of the creatures of bones and dust that were created when the Artifacts of body and mind were paired together by Sarek (the Skeleton Wizard).

Character:[edit | edit source]

This type of Skeleton is encountered in gloomy, dreadful places like old tombs and dungeons in castles. It does not move very fast but is single-minded in its attack and will keep attacking until it is defeated and killed. It cannot be evaded or escaped from, as it will always trap its victim in a locked room.

Abilities:[edit | edit source]

The Big Skeleton is a powerful enemy that wields a massive sword. It has a long reach and is therefore difficult to kill at close quarters without sustaining harm. It is armored with a coat and hood of chain mail and also metal greaves, giving the Skeleton a lot of protection.

Weaknesses:[edit | edit source]

The unprotected face and upper legs are good areas to attack. The Knight can jump and attack its face and also charge at the Skeleton attacking its legs. The Thief can use her Bow or Fire Bow to attack its face but she usually has little room to set up a long range attack.

Appearances:[edit | edit source]

The Big Skeleton is encountered in the following levels:

Advantages:[edit | edit source]

Killing the Big Skeleton will gain the player some advantages.

The Big Skeleton will drop some Energy Vials (pickup) when it is killed.

Killing the Big Skeleton will gain the player some useful Experience points.

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