Bat closeup



Bats in the forest.

Bats attacking

Bats attacking Pontius at night.

Bats are one of the Enemies often encountered in the game by the Three Heroes.

These dangerous flying creatures attack in groups, usually at inconvenient moments. Bats will always emit an annoying screeching sound when they attack. They often fly away during an attack and then return after a short time to carry on their attack. Bats can be lethal if not killed quicklky. Bats are relentless in their pusuit of their prey and will follow their prey for quite a distance.They are frequently found in forests, chasms and caves and should be looked out for in this type of terrain.

Bats will often drop some of the Energy Vials (pickup) when they are killed.

Killing Bats will gain the player some useful Experience points.

  • Knight: he can jump in the air and then use his Sword or Flaming Sword to kill Bats when they are near. He can also smash his Storm Hammer down on the ground which will make lightning flash into the air killing the Bats. The Knight is the best hero to deal with Bats when they are flying and attacking.
  • Thief: she can use her Bow or her Fire Bow to kill the Bats. The Thief is the best hero to deal with Bats when they are resting and hanging with their wings folded.
  • Wizard: he cannot easily kill the Bats.
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