Barrier - Cliff

Zoya facing a Cliff in a cavern.

Barrier - Pitfall

Zoya between Pitfalls with dangerous stakes below.

Barrier - Tree trunk

Amadeus about to climb over a Tree trunk

Barrier - Wall

Amadeus using Boxes to scale a high Wall.

A Barrier is an obstacle that is sometimes encountered in the game.

In this account the term “Barrier” refers to non-moving obstacles like simple walls, cliffs and pitfalls etc. This does not include walls covered in Spikes or cliffs covered in Stakes for example. There are many simple Barriers that the three heroes will have to overcome on their quest. Some Barriers will have to be negotiated to reach Pickup Items, Chests and other useful Items. Barriers are usually easily negotiated with a little thought and experimentation.

The following is a list of some types of Barrier:

  • Cliffs and banks.
  • Ledges.
  • Pitfalls and gaps in floors.
  • Tree trunks.
  • Walls.

Note: the above list does not cover every type of Barrier encountered in the game but will give some idea of the types of Barrier that have to be negotiated.

Any Enemies in the area should be dealt with before negotiating Barriers.

  • Knight: he can place objects to scale or cross some Barriers.
  • Thief: she can use her Grapple Hook to climb or cross some Barriers.
  • Wizard: he can conjure magical objects to scale or cross some Barriers.

For a list of other types of obstacle see: Hazards

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