Astral Academy Map

The Knight, the Thief, and the Wizard discover the The Trine in the Astral Academy.

The Astral Academy is the first level in the game, and serves as the tutorial.

The level has no Enemies and few Hazards. The Three Heroes are introduced individually and their basic skills are revealed. The plot of the storyline is gradually revealed by the Narrator.

The level starts at twilight by a stream in the mountain forest, just outside the Astral Academy.

Zoya - The Thief[edit | edit source]

  • Narrator:  On the outskirts of the kingdom, near the Astral Academy, a thief carried out her cunning plan. She had learned of an ancient object of tremendous value. The Astral Academy, left to rot in the face of the terrible enemy, had no-one to keep the treasure safe. The time was right. Everything was perfect. She had made her way to the castle and would soon lay her hands on the treasure she so desired.
  • TUTORIAL - PART 1: The player learns how to control Zoya and the Abilities that she has. After entering the castle and escaping some traps, Zoya makes her way to the shrine.
  • Narrator:  The gentle moon smiled at the thief as she made her way towards the shrine of ancient treasure. Strangely, the protective charms around the shrine allowed her to enter unharmed.
  • Thief:  “I’ve got it.”
  • Narrator:  As the Thief lay her hand on the treasure, she had a tingling sensation. The Thief would soon discover that fate had taken hold of her.

Amadeus - The Wizard[edit | edit source]

  • Narrator:  Unknown to the Thief, a wizard was just waking up. The Wizard had taken a look in the spyglass, and seen the terrible undead army. He was keen not to die.
  • Wizard:  “By my trousers, I must escape!”
  • Narrator:  He had been studying the stars and trying hard to learn the elusive fireball spell that all wizards ought to know. Of course, that was a lie. For you see, the Wizard had a certain reputation with the ladies. What he had really been up to was the creation of a fake fireball potion that would have impressed the ladies and improved his status. The potion had backfired causing a fortnight of sleep.
  • TUTORIAL - PART 2: The player learns how to control Amadeus and the Abilities that he has. After escaping from the library Amadeus makes his way to the shrine and finds the Thief.
  • Narrator:  The Wizard saw a glimmering light coming from the shrine.  No-one had been able to visit it for centuries, because of the ancient magic protecting whatever lay inside.
  • Wizard:  “My darling, why the painful look on such a pretty face? What is this object you are holding on to? How did you get here?”
  • Narrator:  The Wizard touched the Thief’s hand, and then the object. His hand got stuck.
  • Wizard:  “What kind of trickery is this?!”
  • Narrator:  For once, the Wizard was more interested in magic than anything else. He was also afraid for his dear life. But there was someone nearby who welcomed a challenge.

Pontius - The Knight[edit | edit source]

  • Narrator:  At the other end of the Astral Academy, a knight had been practicing his own skills - to battle the undead and prove himself worthy of joining the King’s army. Between me and you, he did not quite understand what ‘undead’ meant - but this was his chance to be the bravest knight of all. The Knight felt it was his duty to protect the Astral Academy during this time of despair. He was on the lookout for anything unusual.
  • TUTORIAL - PART 3: The player learns how to control Pontius and the Abilities that he has. After Pontius has escaped some traps he makes his way to the shrine to find the Thief and the Wizard.
  • Knight:  “What’s this?! What’s goin' on?!”
  • Narrator:  The Knight saw a faint light coming from the age-old shrine. Could there be a thief?  Was this the Knight’s day of honour? He had sworn an oath, to himself, to protect the shrine and the Academy. Nothing could stand in his way.
  • Knight:  “What’s goin' on?!”
  • Narrator:  The Knight joined in, taking a firm grip of the object's third side, in a way that only a mighty warrior can.
  • Wizard:  “Oh no. This doesn’t bode well.”
  • Knight:  “What doesn’t bode well?”
  • Narrator:  There was a flash of light, and the Wizard, the Thief and the Knight..... simply disappeared.


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