Armored Shield Skeleton

Armored Shield Skeleton

Armored Shield Skeleton - close up

Armored Shield Skeleton close up.

Armored skelly fights

An Armored Shield Skeleton attacking Pontius.

Armored Shield Skeleton - in game

Armored Shield Skeletons attacking Zoya.

The Armored Shield Skeleton is a common enemy that is encountered often in the later levels of the game.


These Skeletons are one of the creatures of dust and bones that were created when the Artifacts of body and mind were paired by Sarek (the Skeleton Wizard). They are part of the Undead Army that brought destruction and ruin upon the kingdom as they invaded. Their stronghold is the Evil Tower, the fortress built by Sarek, who is their lord and master.


The Armored Shield Skeletons are quite mobile search and destroy hunters and will pursue their prey for long distances. They can suddenly materialize from the spawning Fire Pits but are also frequent enemies everywhere in the later levels. These Skeletons are short range attackers and can only inflict damage in close combat. Armored Shield Skeletons are often killed by traps and other environmental hazards in pursuit of their victim. These Skeletons pretend to be injured and will slowly limp along but when they get near to a victim their attack is vicious.

Note: this Skeleton is similar to the Armored Regular Skeleton when it drops its shield.


These Skeletons are armored with a coat of chain mail and metal greaves, they also bear a metal shield. They carry a broadsword and are more difficult to defeat than the ordinary Shield Skeletons. They just have the close combat ability but what they lack in ability they often make up in numbers. They are agile climbers and can jump quite a distance, making them difficult to evade in their relentless pursuit and attack.


The Armored Shield Skeletons are vulnerable to a complete range of counter attacks. Zoya (the Thief) and Pontius (the Knight) are the best heroes when dealing with these enemies. Pontius using the Storm Hammer makes quick work of killing this type of Skeleton. Amadeus (the Wizard) can drop objects on this type of Skeleton causing injury and often death. They are easier to defeat when their shield has been knocked from their grasp.

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