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Amulet of Energy Gain

The Amulet of Energy Gain is a magical amulet that thrives on the energy of the undead and other monsters, restoring energy for the character that holds it, but only when he or she is in the safety of The Trine.

It is one of the Secret Items that enhance the Abilities of the three characters. When found it will automatically be placed in the Inventory Menu.

A complete list of the Secret Items can be seen in Inventory Items.

  • Can be found in a Chest in the Wolvercote Catacombs level.
  • Can be used by the Knight, the Thief or the Wizard.
  • Restores energy for the bearer, but only when they are not active.
  • 1 point of energy is restored for every monster killed.
  • Stacks with other energy enchantments.
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