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The Wizard - Amadeus the Magnificent
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Wizard of boxes


Conceited at times, kind at others


Flirting with women, feeling like a real wizard, and free services at wizard conferences


His inability to conjure fireballs, potions gone awry, and too much adventuring

In Trine, Amadeus the Wizard is one of the three main playable characters.

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Amadeus the Wizard is a little older than most Astral Academy students, still trying to learn the fireball spell. When he tried to make a fake fireball potion to impress some ladies, it backfired and put him to sleep for two weeks. During this period, undead armies rose and scared everyone else away, leaving him alone. When he finally wakes and notices the skeletons so near the Academy, he starts his escape and stumbles upon Zoya, whose hand is stuck to the Trine, and gets himself stuck as well. When Pontius gets stuck as well, the trio's souls are bound together and their adventures begin.

As the game series progresses, Amadeus grows less conceited and shows a softer, more relatable side of himself. When the need arises, he is capable of understanding, kindness, tact, and even great courage when those he cares for are in danger. At the end of Trine, he marries a woman named Margaret and has triplets, all of whom learn the fireball spell before the age of 2. Later, the Trine summons the three heroes again, this time to save the kingdom from encroaching plant life and goblin gangs. His third adventure is centered around a run-in with a being tied to the Artefact of Power, but most of the record of this adventure is lost. Finally, the trio are sent to save Prince Selius, whose magic has gone awry, bringing nightmares to life. Having children of his own and having grown more caring, Amadeus tries to approach the young prince with understanding and tact instead of the blunt logic and brute force employed by Zoya and Pontius, respectively.

Trine 4 reveals that Amadeus used to help his aunt Gretchen with potion-making and drinking one of her potions turned his hair white at a young age. He is very afraid of her and what her potions can do.


Amadeus is excellent at conjuring metal objects, especially boxes, but his desperate attempts to learn fire magic have all failed. This inability has prevented him from passing the wizardry exam and fully graduating, but in his mind, the greater loss is that he can't impress the ladies with it. On his adventures, he learns additional skills, such as conjuring planks, magnetizing objects, conjuring spheres, and teleporting short distances.


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see Wizard Abilities

Despite his lack of fireballs, Amadeus knows a few useful spells. He can conjure metal Boxes and Planks quite easily, and later learns to magnetize them. He can also Levitate objects and with enough practice, he can cast new objects in larger quantities. The Wizard also has the Ability to perform Wizard Surfing - an advanced game technique.

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