Academy Hallways
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Vital statistics
Name Academy Hallways
Level Number 2
Level EXP 30
Enemy EXP 20
Secrets 2
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Astral Academy Wolvercote Catacombs
Academy Hallways Map

Academy Hallways Map

Academy Hallways is the second level in the game.

The three heroes, the Knight, the Thief and the Wizard move through the Academy Hallways, going deeper into the Astral Academy, trying to find answers to the mystery that has bound them together.

  • Narrator:  Our new heroes were overwhelmed by the effect of the mysterious object. The Wizard tried hard to remember everything he’d learned of the shrine and its artifact. His mind raced through ancient tales and legends. Finally the Wizard remembered. The treasure, the ancient object, was a device that could bind souls together. How it worked - he did not know. But he knew that it was connected to the legend of the Guardian, whose earthly remains had been buried in the catacombs deep underneath the Astral Academy - the tomb resided right below the shrine. The Wizard could not explain it, but he was sure the object was called the Trine. The Knight didn’t care. A more pressing concern was on his mind.
  • Knight:  “It’s all her fault! We must take her into custody! She stole the King’s treasure!”
  • Wizard:  “Did you not understand a word I said. It is not treasure. It’s an ancient object, the Trine. I believe it has bound our souls. We are stuck together!”
  • Knight:  “But she….. Mmph!”
  • Narrator:  The Thief remained silent. She was waiting for the right moment to escape, hopefully with the treasure and without the pair of fools.
  • Wizard:  “Hmm, I think I know how we can use the device as we like.....”
  • CHECKPOINT # 1: The level starts at the bottom of the steps leading up into the hallways.